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50th Year Reunion (2022-2023)
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20th Year Reunion (1993)
10th Year Reunion (1983)
Graduation (1973)

The Class of 1973
Prescott High School
Ten Year Class Reunion
Saturday, August 6, 1983

Welcome William Duke
Prayer Dwain East
Welcome of Faculty Visitors Danny Stewart
"Summertime" John Nolen
Show & Tell Time Everyone
Sports Rememberances Steve Crow
Classmate's' Letters
(From Those Who Couldn't Come)
Joan Barton
"I Can See Clearly Now" Brenda Livingston Young
Award Winners Timmy Ashbrook and Gwen Adams
Acknowledgements Angela Garner
Alma Mater Brenda Livingston Young
Closing Comments Timmy Ashbrook

In Memory Of:

Bill Stewart
Roger Hillery
Darwin Ferguson
Richard Deaton

Timmy Ashbrook
Route 5 Box 57A
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: Manager of Ed's Truck Stop
Spouse: Terri Roberts Ashbrook
Spouse's Hometown: Gurdon
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Children: Cary Alan Ashbrook - 6 years, Kelli Marie Ashbrook - 4 years.
Hobbies: Hunting, Speaking, and Making New Friends
Travel Since High School: Grand Rapids, Mich., Florida, Washington, D.C., Going to
Caymen Island this September.

Gwen Needham Adams
520 East 4th South
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: New Accounts Receptionist at Bank of Prescott.
Spouse: Thomas E. Adams
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott, Arkansas
Spouse's Occupation: Prescott Industrial Products
Children: Farrah Tomika Adams 6 (4-27-77)
Hobbies: Interior Decorating, Exercising, Traveling
Travel Since High School: Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas

Joan Barton
319 E. 4th So.
Prescott , AR 71857
Occupation: Housewife
Spouse: Donnie Barton
Spouse's Hometown: Antoine, Ark.
Spouse's Occupation: U.S. Navy
Children: Toby Barton - 6
Armed Service: U.S. Navy
Hobbies: Collecting Antique Glass, Home Decorating
Travel Since High School: Hawaii; Guam, Mariana Islands; Sipan, Mariana Islands;
Texas; Arizona; New Mexico; California; Old Mexico; Oregon; Washington State; Utah;
Colorado; Wyoming; Idaho; Nevada; Florida; Mississippi; Louisiana; Missouri;
Oklahoma; Tennessee

Monica Woodle Bradley
Wertheim, Germany
Occupation: Director: Army Community Services
Spouse: John Bradley
Spouse's Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Spouse's Occupation: Major, U.S. Army
Armed Services: U.S. Army
Education: B.A. Sociology Henderson State University. M.S. Sociology HSU.
Hobbies: Tennis, Volksmarching, Reading, Crafts
Travel Since High School: France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland,
Germany, Mexico.

John Brannan, Jr.
P.O. Box 492
Prescott, AR 71857

W. Herman Brown
1248 South Quebec
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112
Occupation: Partner in a firm of Certified Public Accounts (Ronald Jackson & Co.)
Spouse: Susan J. Ferrell
Spouse's Hometown: Chandler, Oklahoma
Spouse's Occupation: Attorney at Law (Self-employed)
Education: Henderson State University, BSBA
Honors: Graduated 1st in class at Henderson (Summa Cum Laude), Who's Who
Among College Students, Member of Oklahoma Society of Certified Public
Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Tulsa Chapter of
Hobbies: Music, automobiles, gardening, reading
Travel Since High School: New York; Toronto, Canada; Washington, D.C.; Keystone,
Colorado; San Francisco, Los Angeles; Jamaica

Henry L. Butler
Rt 2 Box 75
Prescott, AR 71857
Spouse: Sheila S. Butler
Spouse's Hometown: Gurdon, AR
Spouse's Occupation: Prescott Nursing Center
Children: Henry L. Butler, Jr. - 5; Channing L. Butler - 3
Armed Service: Arkansas Army National Guard
Hobbies: Basketball, Bowling

Sandy Graham Cornish
P.O. Box 1691
Nashville, AR 71852

Jackie G. Crayne
P.O. Box 398
Hope, Ark 71801
Occupation: Purchasing Agent Amko Service Co.
Spouse: Deborah Kay Sanders Crayne
Spouse's Hometown: Lindale, Texas
Spouse's Occupation: Bookkeeper - Fleet Tire Service
Hobbies: Fishing, Golf

Steve Crow
102 Kathryn
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: Teacher/Coach at Prescott
Spouse: Lisa Taylor Crow
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Children: Amanda Blake - 1
Education: BSE, Henderson State University, 1973-1977
Hobbies: Sports, Outdoors, Horse racing

Donna Daniels
2405 County Apt 2
Texarkana, AR 75502
Occupation: Teacher
Spouse: None
Spouse's Hometown: Unknown
Education: BSE Elementary Ed, Early Childhood
Hobbies: Canoeing, Golf
Travel Since High School: England, North Carolina

Debra Inscore Davison
15925 Ingram
Livonia, Michigan 48154
Occupation: House Wife & Mother
Spouse: Thomas Davison
Spouse's Hometown: Plymouth, Michigan
Spouse's Occupation: Firefighter
Children: Kimberly Ann - 2
Education: Medical School
Hobbies: Horse Back Riding, Photography, Watching Kimberly grow, Snowmobiling,
Riding my Motorcycle, Fishing
Travel Since High School: All over upper and lower Michigan, Canada, Arkansas,

Donna Avery Devine
600 Sherwood Ave.
Sherwood, Ark. 72116
Occupation: House wife & Mother (Part-time Aerobics Instructor)
Spouse: Richard Devine
Spouse's Hometown: Sherwood, Ark
Spouse's Occupation: Realty Associate, Retired Cpt. U.S. Army
Children: Stephanie Lauren -1
Education: BSE from Henderson State University
Hobbies: Tennis & Needlepoint
Travel Since High School: Ft. Polk, Louisiana

William Duke
Prescott, AR 71857

Dwain East
Box 132
Carlisle 72024
Occupation: Elementary Principal
Spouse: Pam Cottingham
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott
Spouse's Occupation: Joshua Dwain - 2
Education: B.A. Music - UAM, MSE - Educational Administration - UCA, Ed. S. -
Educational Administrator - UA
Hobbies: Fishing & Hunting

Danny Wayne Ellis
#6 Markham Pl. Cr.
Little Rock, AR 72211
Will change to Prescott, AR
Occupation: Registered Nurse House Supervisor at Hempstead Co. Memorial Hosp.
Spouse: Cathy L. Clary
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott
Spouse's Occupation: Secretary
Children: Erica Yvonne - 5, Daniel Ryan - 3
Education: Southern State College
Hobbies: Fishing, Canoeing, Camping, Swimming, Tennis
Travel Since High School: Colorado - 2 week vacation in the Rockies, Las Vegas - won
a trip for 3 days and 3 nights, New Orleans - Weekend trip, Galveston - vacation

Dan Fincher
4665 Lowell Dr. #1308
N. Charleston, SC 29045 (803) 552-6046
Occupation: Attorney
Spouse: I'm still taking applications
Honors: Can't think of any
Hobbies: ditto
Travel Since High School: Not much

Doris Bowman Flemons
P.O. Box 526
Prescott, AR 71857

Angela Garner
809 S 26th
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Occupation: 6th Grade Teacher -- Peake Middle School
Spouse: Randy Garner
Spouse's Hometown: Camden, AR
Spouse's Occupation: Director of Admissions Counselor, OBU. Music Director, 2nd
Baptist Church, Arkadelphia.
Education: BSE Ouachita Baptist University. Working on MSE in Education.
Hobbies: Water Skiing, Piano, Needlework, Jogging

John George, Jr.
413 East Third
Prescott, AR 71857

Nancy Cornelius Graham and Sammy Graham
1801 Bonny Castle Ln
Yukon, OK 73099
Nancy's Occupation: Teacher
Sammy's Occupation: Operation Supervisor of Western Co. of North America in Yukon
Children: Lindsy Allyn Graham - 2
Nancy's Education: BSE
Nancy's Hobbies: Enjoy making arts & crafts projects.
Sammy's Hobbies: Snow Ski & Travel
Travel Since High School: Lived in New Mexico & Utah. Have traveled to Arizona,
Colorado, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma. Panned for
gold in Colorado Mountains. Went to Disneyland. Watched taping of Johnny Carson
show. Snow skiing in Colorado. Weekends in Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Gwen Gulley

Doug Guthrie
347 West Main
Prescott, AR 71857

Donita Hale Heaggans
2124 Romine Road
Little Rock, AR 72205

Tommy Johnson
Rt 1 Box 289A
Gurdon, AR 71743
Occupation: International Paper Co. (Millwright)
Spouse: Julia King Johnson
Spouse's Hometown: Elizabeth, Colo
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Children: Heather Nicole Johnson - 6, Thomas Alton Johnson, Jr. (T.J.) - 5
Armed Service: National Guard - 8 years
Honors: 5 years Arkansas Service Award, Outstanding Infantryman, Arkansas
Recruiting Ribbon.
Hobbies: Wood Works, Basketball, Softball.

Charles Lawrence
Route 4
Prescott, AR 71857

Gary Lyons
46 Lono Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Occupation: Campus Minister at University of Hawaii at Hilo
Spouse: Nelda Natten Lyons
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott for five years
Spouse's Occupation: Formerly, teacher. Presently, full-time mother
Children: Kawika Scott Lyons (Born 12-15-82)
Education: B.A. in Bible at Oklahoma Christian College - 1977. M.A.R. in New
testament at Harding Graduate School of Religion - 1979
Honors: Alpha Chi honor society at OCC. Scholarship at graduate school
Hobbies: Auto mechanics, photography, motorcycles, computers
Travel Since High School: Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Colorado,
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Hawaii (islands of Kauai, Oahu, Manu, Hawaii)

Vanessa King McGraw
519 North Hazel Street
Hope, AR 71801
Occupation: Business Instructor Oak Grove High School, Rosston, Ark.
Spouse:Linel McCraw
Spouse's Hometown: Parkings, Ark.
Spouse's Occupation: English Instructor Oak Grove High School
Children: Stephanie Renee' - 7
Education: 1978 - Southern Arkansas University, B.S.E. - Business
Organizations: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Hobbies: Sewing, Cooking

Richard L. (Rick) McGough
Rt 3 Box 191
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: Salesman & Farmer
Spouse: Debora L. McGough
Spouse's Occupation: Housewife
Children: Marcus James McGough - 2, Angela Renee' McGough - 6 mos
Armed Service: Deer Hunting
Honors: Got One
Education: University of Texas School of Hard Knocks
Travel Since High School: Colorado, Old Mexico, Las Vegas, Gulf Coast & Laneburg.

John McWilliams
516 Maria
Springdale, AR 72764
Occupation: Teach at Shiloh Christian School. Own landscape company
Spouse: Sherry Fitzgerald
Spouse's Hometown: Springdale
Spouse's Occupation: Teach at Shiloh Christian School. Own landscape company
Children: Angela Kristen - 2
Education: BSE - Biology/General Science . MS - Horticulture
Hobbies: Gardening, Music

Anne Morehead
1820 Kavanaugh
Little Rock, AR 72205
Occupation: RN - Baptist Medical Center Recovery Room
Education: Southern State College, Associate Degree
Hobbies: Running, plants, water skiing, camping
Travel Since High School: Continental U.S.

John Abram Nolen
241 East 4th Street
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: Stacker operator
Spouse: Phena Isabella Nolen
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott
Spouse's Occupation: Serge machine operator
Children: John Abram Nolen, Jr. - 5
Armed Service: National Guard
Honors: Sergeant (Captain) of National Guard
Hobbies: Football, bicycle riding
Travel Since High School: Dallas, Little Rock

Debbie Butler O'Keefe
805 Melody Lane
Blytheville, AR 72315
Occupation: Housewife & Mother
Spouse: Van Wayne O'Keefe
Spouse's Hometown: Rosston, AR
Spouse's Occupation: Plant Superintendent - NIBCO of Blytheville
Children: Brent Wayne - 5, Misti Brooke -1
Honors: Beta Sigma Phi "Girl of the year" - 1982 Blytheville
Hobbies: I love ceramics, swimming, biking, and taking care of my house plants
Travel Since High School: Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana

Mike Reese
Route 3 Box 204
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: Welder
Spouse: Pat Thrasher Reese
Spouse's Hometown: Prescott
Spouse's Occupation: Teacher
Children: Karen Reese - 5; Kortni Reese - 10 mo.
Travel Since High School: Lived in Memphis, TN

Vicki Roy
100 Stevenson St.
Jacksonville, Ark.
Occupation: Rhythmic Aerobics dance instructor
Spouse: Willie Roy
Spouse's Hometown: Waldo, Ark.
Spouse's Occupation: Supervisor
Children: Tamisha Ayvana Roy - 5; Marcus DeShawn Roy - 1
Education: Franklin Electric
Hobbies: Football, Basketball
Travel Since High School: Chicago, Michigan

Terry L. Spearman
#34 Draughn Ave
Texarkana, Ark
Occupation: Patrolman (Arkansas)
Spouse: Rosemary
Spouse's Hometown: Texarkana
Spouse's Occupation: Purchasing Agent, Red River Arm Depot
Children: Christie - 6, Mistie - 6 mo.
Armed Service: Marine Corps
Education: Henderson, University of Nebraska
Hobbies: Playing softball, listening to good music

Danny Stewart
615 Oak Street
Prescott, AR 71857
Occupation: American Mass Media Corporation (owner). Real estate broker.
Computer programmer.
Education: B.S. Radio-Television Broadcasting, 1976, Arkansas State University.
Working on Master's in Business Administration at Henderson State University.
Honors: The Gamma Beta Phi Society's Certificate of Merit. ASU Chapter President
1974-75 and 1975-76. Arkansas President 1975-76. Who's Who Among Students in
American Universities and Colleges, 1976. Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce Board
of Directors, 1982. DeQueen Jaycees Board of Directors and chapter secretary, 1978.
Dean's list (for 4.00 GPA) at Henderson each semester.
Hobbies: Computer programming, chess.
Travel Since High School: Chicago (1976) and Dallas (1982) for National Association
of Broadcasters meetings. Baton Rouge.

Joey Waddle
P.O. Box 21
Laneburg, AR 71844
Occupation: Asst. Storeroom Supervisor, Arkansas Highway & Transportation
Department (Hope)
Spouse: Julia Murphy Waddle
Spouse's Hometown: Cabot, AR
Spouse's Occupation: Asst. Office Manager, DeLamar Chevrolet (Prescott)
Education: Red River Vocational Technical School
Honors: 1975 Future Office Manager by Arkansas Phi Beta Lambda. Ordained elder of
Mt. Moriah Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Supporting male lead in SAU's 1981
production of "Oklahoma."
Hobbies: Singing, theatre, playing guitar, fishing

Pat Ward and Wendy Wren Ward
Route 2
Prescott, AR 71857

Sam N. Westmoreland
Subic Bay Naval Station
Olongapo City, Republic of the Philippines
Occupation: Insurance Broker, Scuba Instructor (certified 700 students in 10 months).
Previous jobs: Sales manager for Pioneer Electronics in Okinawa & Philippines (for 3
Spouse: Kathie A. Westoremand
Spouse's Hometown: Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Spouse's Occupation: United States Navy, 7-1/2 years as a Hospital Corpsman
Children: Lindsay Kathryn - 3 (born 8-15-79), Eryn Kendall (born 10 25-82)
Armed Service: U.S. Army October 1974 - October 1978
Honors: President, Subic Bay Motorcycle Club.
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Racquetball, Softball
Travel Since High School: Japan, Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, Alaska

Ellen Denise Morgan White
2702 Claremont
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Occupation: Homemaker
Spouse: Stanley O. White
Spouse's Hometown: Kirby, Ark.
Spouse's Occupation: Purchasing Agent, J. C. Penny
Children: Ann Marie - 1
Education: BSE, English. Henderson State University
Hobbies: Needlework, yard work

L. Steven Wood
2021 Wine Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Occupation: Energy Consultant for C P National Corp.
Spouse: Rhonda Wood (My high school sweetheart)
Spouse's Hometown: Ashland, Oregon
Spouse's Occupation: Legal Secretary
Children: Garick Dustin Wood - 3
Education: Southern Oregon College (3 years)
Honors: Chairman, Ducks Unlimited; Officer, Young Businessmen of Southern Oregon;
Board of Directors of Kiwanis Club of Ashland
Hobbies: Hunting, Golf, Scuba Diving
Travel Since High School: Arkansas from Oregon numerous times, Canada,
Washington, California, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and
last but not least, Hawaii.

Brenda Livingston Young
West Acres Terrace #19
Prescott, AR 71857


Bobby Adams
Mary Jane Rhodes Adams
Kenth Anthony
Cynthia Biddle
Sharon Evans Buford
Robert Burke
George Byrd
Rygeaner Black Byrd
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Kathy Deaton
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Alice DuCharme
Tony Ellis
Lois Young Elmore
Steve Ferguson
Calvin Flemons
Herbert Fort
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Otis Gulley
James Hall
Tressie Gillard hannah
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Ben Hardamon, Jr.
Nelson Haynie
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Sandra Virden Hulan
Larry Inscore
Gary Jackson
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Rhonda Fore Moses
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Scotty Nelson
Vicki Orr
Dale Orren
Geraldine Overton
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Geraldine Justice Phelps
Gloria Walker Porter
Dennis Pruitt
Bobby Purifoy
Tommy Purifoy
Levell Rivers
Sherry Calley Ray
Linda Christopher Sasse-Ullah
Cassandra Box Smith
Mark Smyth
Scott Smyth
Vicki Henry Smyth
Kris Wesson Souter
Linda Johnston Szuankouchi
Terry Talley
Jo Ann Thompson
Sandy Ellis Toller
Linda McGough Walker
Wilma Bowen Walker
Jeff Watson
Herbert Williams
Linda Greening Williams
Greg Woods
Edward Young


Donnie Gray
Janelle Jackson
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Danny Manning
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Regina White
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